What if there is no Exchange product available?

Even if we do not have an EXCHANGE product available just yet for your vehicle, we will be able to give you a quote on refurbishing those same injectors to our Blueprinted standards.

Is there anything else I should know?

The core you return to us must be the same model and part number as the one that was purchased.
Cores should be returned to Baileys within 2 weeks, otherwise your Warranty will not be valid.
Old cores must be returned in ‘off engine’ assembled condition.

Where do I send my old cores?

Baileys Diesel Group
C/O Baileys Diesel Technology Centre
36 Investigator Dr
Unanderra NSW 2526

Is there a time limit on returning the cores?

Yes. They must be returned within 2 weeks. If this is not the case, your Warranty will be invalid. Please liaise with our support staff regarding the best time to place your order, and book in the installation with your diesel mechanic, so that you will not have to exceed this 2 week period for returns.

Will my deposit be refunded in full?

We will endeavour to refund 100% of your deposit. If we cannot refund the full amount we will try and refund some part of the deposit. Most customers do not experience any problems with their refunds.

The most common issues are broken solenoids and damaged threads, neither of which are repairable.

Please ensure that you package your injectors properly, as we can only refund based on the condition of the injectors when we receive them.

What does ‘serviceable’ mean?

A serviceable core is one that is not broken, and can still be rebuilt into proper working condition.

What are your delivery times?

We have partnered with Toll Priority to deliver your injectors as quickly as possible. Generally this means next day delivery to most locations Australia-wide, although if you live in remote areas this may increase by a day or two.

What is Exchange?

We supply you with a set of our Re-manufactured injectors, and charge you for the set, and also an additional deposit fee for return of your ‘cores’ (Cash On REturn).

When you return your old injectors (cores) to us they are assessed, and if they are serviceable then your deposit is refunded. Simple.