About Us – History of BDG

In 1972, Gregory Bailey started a Diesel Fuel Injection Repair facility in his ‘back yard shed’ in Sydney. Move on 40 years, and the Baileys Family has evolved the business, keeping with clients demands for quality, consistency and performance.

It doesn’t get more Aussie than starting a business in your backyard. And that’s exactly where Gregory Bailey started his diesel fuel injection repair facility in 1972. Soon, Greg’s garage project turned into a booming family business. Forty years on and Baileys Diesel Group is an industry leader in Diesel Combustion Technology, servicing both industrial and on-road vehicles.

Our family approach

At Baileys Diesel Group, our purpose is simple: we’re here to help you make the most of your diesel engines. Once we’ve completed a job for you, we’ll take you through performance measuring, maintenance and ways to improve your vehicle. We put your best interest first so that you can see results and get a the most bang for your buck.

Our guarantee

We’re committed to delivering solutions that matter to you ­– that’s why all of our products are backed by our warranty policy. Our team of experts knows all of the ins and outs of diesel combustion and works hard to help you make the most of your vehicle. Let us help you save on fuel, increase torque and get your engine running better than before.

Chat to one of our specialists about how you can get the most value for your money while maximising your vehicle’s efficiency.

Today, the Baileys Diesel Group has its own facility in Wollongong, the Baileys Diesel Technology Centre, a state of the art, 1500 square meter all inclusive facility just south of Sydney. The Group also operates satellite offices to assist our clients in far reaching areas where immediate client support is mandatory, These Satellite offices are in Perth, Houston and Manila.

The Baileys Diesel Group clearly knows our Purpose; to serve our clients by serving our clients’ Needs. We understand that Our Company survives and thrives because of our clients and their continued Custom, which can only transpire if our clients meet their Needs.

This is all an active example of the Bailey family’s approach. From company that started out as a Fuel Injection repair enterprise only, Due to our Client Centric approach, has now diversified into Turbochargers, Research and Development (the Family holds 4 world patents + 1 pending) Training, Fuel Consumption metering, On Engine Diagnostics, Logistical solutions… and so on.

We understood our clients were looking for efficient engine performance. So not only do we offer the Technical Solutions, but then also assist our clients to measure it, maintain it and improve it. A truly Holistic, Results focussed approach – It’s what you can expect from BDG.

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