Baileys Diesel Group are looking for people wanting to further their careers in the massively growing Diesel Industry.We are looking for people who are responsible, diligent and who genuinely want to strive for the best. We are looking for people who are wanting to commit to a business that will commit to them.


About BDG:

BDG are a family owned (that’s good AND bad) business that is experiencing significant growth year on year, with the rate of growth accelerating.
We take our jobs very seriously.
We love what we do, and we love coming to work. We have a supportive culture that is also filled with laughter and ‘healthy banter’ – you better be able to give / take it!
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Your primary responsibilities will be to your team and to the companies mission and vision statement. These are absolutely non-negotiable.
There will be of course, actions and processes that you will be responsible for – but that is job dependant and will be discussed later.


BDG regularly employs people from outside the fuel injection or automotive trade. With some positions experience and prior knowledge is essential, for most, training is provided.
BDG place far more emphasis on the person and their attitude, as to us, This is far more important that a nice piece of paper (certificate).


We are flexible. Our main shop has people there from 5am to 7pm. Not all roles are completely flexible, but we always actively try to make it easy.


Based on position and experience. Generally speaking, competitive to market rates

Our history

In 1972, Gregory Bailey started a Diesel Fuel Injection Repair facility in his ‘back yard shed’ in Sydney.

Our family approach

At Baileys Diesel Group, our purpose is simple: we’re here to help you make the most of your diesel engines.

Our guarantee

We’re committed to delivering solutions that matter to you ­– that’s why all of our products are backed by our warranty policy.

1800 465 328
36 Investigator Dr Unanderra, NSW 2526