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AUSTRALIAS FIRST Modern Diesel Only service Facility
Breaking News: AUSTRALIAS FIRST Modern Diesel Only Service Facility
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Do you own a Diesel car that is less than 10 years old? Did you know the engines in these vehicles have an operating system very different to ANY OTHER (called Common Rail)? Take it to Australia’s foremost Common Rail Expert – the Baileys Diesel Group. BDG are now offering: New Vehicle Modifications ‘Power up’ packages,…

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Why Is My Nissan Navara Blowing Tons of White Smoke And Not Starting?
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The symptom generally starts as you’re driving down the highway, and all of a sudden the vehicle starts blowing out tons of white smokes, loses all power, and it becomes impossible to start the vehicle. A lot of the time the problem will present as major engine damage, or major fuel system damage, and people…

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What Does Common Rail Injector Failure Mean?
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In a previous post, we discussed the most common symptoms of a failing injector, and what exactly causes each one of these symptoms. But what exactly does it mean when your local garage tells you “common rail injector failure”? To begin with, lets take a look at these injectors, compared to the older systems. Looking…

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