Diesel Tuning

BDG are fast becoming THE place for Diesel Performance in NSW.

BDG also are one of very few workshops that have both fully customised – written and dyno tuned on site remapping capabilities as well as a full range of piggy back ECUs to cover all your needs and offer what is truly going to be the best option for your car.

Vehicle Remapping

[twocol_one]BDG are one of very few that have full remapping capabilities on site. This results in a fully customised tune – not a bought one from someone thousands of KMs away.

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Customised Piggy Back ECU

BDG are a of very few that import and supply ECU-SHOP products direct from the manufacturer. These units have unreal features and functions that are completely unique to ECU-SHOP only.

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BDG recommend and fit Genie and Legendex range of stainless steel exhausts. Their quality, fitment and warranty are the best in the business, and there affordability really makes them the best value in the market place.

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BDG fit and supply HPD intercoolers, as well as the ability to custom manufactured (with the help of our friends at Leisure Coast Welders) using Custom PWR intercooler cores.

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BDG are the only fitter and tuner of ECU-SHOP modules in NSW. These chips are hands down the best in market (more information here <LINK>). There are a range of models to suite requirements and budgets.

GTurbo, Garrett and Custom


Baileys Diesel Performance TURBOS

BDG are an authorised Garrett and GTurbo dealer, as well as have in house turbo repairs that allows us to build custom turbocharger set-ups to suite ANY requirements you may have…

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