VP44 Pump ZD30 Nissan Navara 3 ltr 109342-405


Nissan Navara ZD30 3 ltr VP44 Fuel Pump 109342-405*

The VP44 fuel pump of the Nissan Navara ZD30 works at extremely high pressures, completing numerous internal adjustments every millisecond to optimise performance and efficiency. These constant changes take place due to moving parts inside the pump housing. This friction creates wear and tear on the internal components, which causes the problems that plague ZD30 owners – low power, increased fuel consumption, smoke, eventual pump failure.

Blueprinted VP44 fuel pumps from Baileys Diesel Group fix these problems, and with a brand new pump ECU and sensors, our pumps minimise the potential for future electrical faults. Certified by Bosch, tested on a Bosch test bench, these VP44 pumps are built to a quality brief. This is why Baileys can offer a warranty unmatched in the industry: 2 years, 100,000 kms , backed by Baileys Diesel Group of Wollongong, Australia.

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Nissan Navara ZD30 Replacement VP44 Fuel Pump

  • Part Number 109342-405#
  • OEM Pump Part Number –  16700Vx100 / 16700-Vx100
  • 2 year / 100,000 km warranty
  • $2365 (incl GST) with exchange

The price for this VP44 pump includes exchange of your old pump. Please go here to have exchange explained.

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