We Measure – Compare – Improve

Strategically positioned within Australia, The Baileys Diesel Group with 40 years experience in Diesel Combustion Optimisation are well positioned to assist the Energy Intensive industries situated around our geographical location: Rail, Mining, On and Off Highway Transportation and Power Generation.

Baileys Diesel Group, through its service, maintenance and optimisation of High and Medium speed Diesel Combustion Systems provides its clients with Energy Efficiency Opportunities, Reduction of Costs and an Increase in Diesel Engine Assets ROI whether they have 20, 30 or 40+ year service life. Operating from the Baileys Diesel Technology Centre in Wollongong, The Baileys Diesel Group offers its Clients a complete, in house one stop shop for Diesel Engine Combustion Performance. To do so, the Family owned and operated Group Specialises in:


Baileys Performance Solutions
Represents the integration of all BDG Divisions, Project management, Training for client staff, Maintenance schedules, Combustion analysis.

Baileys Turbo Power
Full Turbocharger repairs including balancing and diagnostics.

Baileys Diesel Fuel Injection
Diesel Fuel injection services,ISO compliant Dynamic calibration.

Fuel Consumption Meters,ISO specific gravity, 0.1% Accuracy and 0.01% Repeatability!

No job is too big

At Baileys Diesel Group, we’re experts in Diesel Combustion Optimisation. That means our goal is to get your vehicles running more smoothly, quietly and efficiently. We take all jobs seriously – from common rail to larger industrial machines, no job is too big for us.
We use our capabilities in the market sectors of:

  • Rail
  • Mining
  • On and Off Highway Transportation
  • Power Generation
  • Maritime and Shipping.


At Baileys Diesel Group, we offer consultancy and benchmarking services and all of our projects are managed using PMBOK guidelines. That means you can rely on us to help you maximise your diesel engine combustion performance from start to finish.

Measure, compare and validate


With KRAL volumeters we can provide the most precise measures of fuel burn that are accurate to 1% in real time.


After gathering combustion data using specialised equipment, we’re able to compare results with OEM engine specifications.
We then use our own IP to improve combustion performance so that you can experience improved power and fuel consumption.


We help you maximise your results by validating and reporting improvement outcomes.
At Baileys Diesel, we’re experienced in optimising all of your diesel driven assets. Make the most of your vehicles and call us today.

In order to fully support our clients’ needs, The Baileys Diesel Group is fully supported by World Leading OE Manufacturers of Diesel Fuel Injection, Air Charging Systems and Fuel Consumption monitoring such as DUAP, ABB, BOSCH, Napier, Woodward, KRAL to name a few of our partners.

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