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[twocol_one]Your diesel vehicle represent a substantial investment and deserves only the best spare parts and performance modifications. The Baileys Diesel online is a safe and trustworthy local Australian company that takes the upmost pride in delivering you the best and latest technology in common rail diesel. You can easily browse and buy online for Diesel Injectors, Turbochargers, Pumps, High Pressure Rails, 2 Micron Filter Kits and much more.  We can deliver Australia wide and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at anytime you need additional technical support or simply need help selecting which Blueprinted or Performance parts are right for you call our team on 1800 INJECTORS.[/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]

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Baileys Diesel Group are the world’s leading experts in Diesel Combustion Technology. For over 40 years, we have been utilising our patented technology, superior expertise and experience to optimise combustion in some of the most powerful diesel engines.. rail transport, cargo and cruise lines, mines and power generators across the globe.


This experience supports the newest products in our On Highway line of blueprinted Common Rail DLC injectors and VP44 fuel pumps. Building every product with a quality brief, but at an affordable price, we back every injector and VP44 pump we sell with up to a three year warranty. Our experience is your guarantee of quality.

What our customers are saying

Just received my injectors.. Running better than factory… Great price and exchange.. Baileys Diesel saved a lot for my wallet plus saved my ute becoming a $21000 paper weight!

Christopher Hernandez Saved me heaps of money and car is running better than factory

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