At Bailey’s Diesel, we’ve been receiving an increased number of phone calls for Toyota 1KD, or Toyota Hilux and Prado fitted with 1KD engines, and turbo-charger Stepper motor related fault codes, or running engine problems. The Problem Generally speaking, they will logic code that relates to the Stepper motor itself. It can be a bit of a troublesome fault code to solve, because it’s quite common that the Stepper motor driver, which is an external computer system or external ACU from the main ACU, has failed as well. Before replacing a complete turbo-charger with the Stepper motor assembly, it is worth ensuring that the external Stepper motor driver is not the issue, before spending the money. The Solution The next situation is that in many instances, the actual Turbo charger itself is fine, but the Stepper motor itself has failed. Where previously you would have to replace the entire turbo-charger at a cost of $3,500 dollars, Bailey’s Diesel now has the Stepper motor available as a separate, individual item which saves the customer a few grand in the process. It’s a simple solution to a simple problem.