AUSTRALIAS FIRST Modern Diesel Only service Facility

Breaking News: AUSTRALIAS FIRST Modern Diesel Only Service Facility

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Do you own a Diesel car that is less than 10 years old?

Did you know the engines in these vehicles have an operating system very different to ANY OTHER (called Common Rail)?

Take it to Australia’s foremost Common Rail Expert – the Baileys Diesel Group.

BDG are now offering:

  • New Vehicle Modifications
  • ‘Power up’ packages, from mild to completely wild
  • Turbo Kits, Intercooler upgrades, Clutch upgrades…
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Pre-Trip Inspections
  • Full Schedule Log Book Servicing
  • Pre Purchase inspections
  • + More

Call our friendly team on 1800 465 328 (1800 INJECTORS) for more information on how we can service your needs or to book your vehicle for a service.

AUSTRALIAS FIRST Modern Diesel Only service Facility

  • stephen page

    I have VDJ76R series landcruiser 4.5 ltr turbo diesel V8. I have a very loud knock when cold and a loud knock when warm and under load. The injector compensation values are

    Injector 1 0.1
    2 0.7
    3 0.3
    4 0.6
    5 -1.3
    6 -0.2
    7 -1.3
    8 0.3

    Are these values acceptable


    Stephen Page

    • Matt Baileys

      Based purely on these readings, they do fall in between the recommended +/- 3.0 tolerances. pretty rare they knock without any other telltales. Maybe best to give us a bell on this one.

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