The Simple Solution to Toyota 1KD Specific White Smoke On Startup Problem That Could Become Worse and Seize Your Engine

The Simple Solution to Toyota 1KD White Smoke On Start-up Problem That Could Become Worse and Seize Your Engine

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1KD white smoke on start-up

While generally well-known in the mechanic community, consumers should be aware that Toyota 1KD engines have a very specific problem. ‘The 1KD white smoke on start-up, besides the obvious white smoke is symptoms of rattling / knocking noise in the first two or three seconds after start up.

The issue may clear up quite quickly and then dissipate, until the engine runs perfectly and no further issue is presented. It can also be noted as ‘when I park nose down’ symptom.

The Problem

The problem that creates this situation is the nozzle washer, or the little copper washer that sits underneath the injector or around the injector, located inside the head assembly. The problem exists because the injectors are actually inside the oil gallery.

If the copper washer has failed or is leaking; the oil can run down past the injector and into the cylinder chambers overnight. When you start the vehicle, you get the clouds of smoke and the rattling from this oil burning off.

Bitumen like residue

The bigger problem is the fact that when you are driving, the hot combustion gases are leaking up the other way and into the oil gallery. This creates a problem because the oil is burned off, leaving a bitumen-like residue. If left unchecked for an extended period of time, this oily bitumen substance will actually block some pick up oil, starving and seizing the engine.

This is an important situation to be aware of.

The Solution

If you follow the Toyota repair manuals correctly, the injectors are supposed to be removed every 40,000 km for a tappet check, and the seals changed out. Reading between the lines, Toyota has a lifetime on this part of 40,000 km, but we don’t necessarily think it needs to be changed that frequently. You should certainly keep an eye on it however in two ways:

  1. Be aware of the symptoms and DO NOT IGNORE them if  they present
  2. Whilst servicing, visually inspect the sump pick-up through the oil drain hole.




  • gary

    hi there at baileys. i will be in very near future , buying set of injectors off u. at present geting white smoke if sittingawhile. decided to change washers to aluminum ones. when put back together , found it wont rev out and engine light is on. think is in computer.???? . have u got any ideas on cure. thanks in advance. gary.

    • Matt Baileys

      HI Gary,

      I’d say its in Limp mode for one reason or another… If its just a lack of power than usually its the little VAC line come off the MAP sensor, but thats unlikely given the engine light.
      If you can get us some more information – ie the actual fault code – we’d love to help, but unfortunately without that information there are just too many possibilities.

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