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Baileys DFI

Twice the Warranty, Significantly Cheaper than Standard OEM Injectors!

For almost 40 years, the Baileys Group’s patented technology, precision engineering, superior expertise and unique $5m test bench equipment has blueprinted diesel fuel injectors in some of the world’s most powerful diesel engines … for rail and road transport, marine cargo and cruise lines, mines and power generators across the globe.

Our BluePrinted remanufactured injectors suitable for Toyota and Nissan common rail engines are engineered with higher precision than new, OEM injectors, and all come with the famous Baileys 3 year warranty.

Comprehensive Fuel Injection Systems Refurbishment

Calibration, Testing & Validation

A) Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel injection Pumps

  • refurbishment of mechanical and electronically controlled fuel injection pumps
  • refurbishment of electronically controlled unit pump injectors
  • refurbishment of common rail direct injection systems Fuel Injectors and Nozzles
  • refurbishment of fuel injector bodies
  • refurbishment of unit injectors
  • replacement of fuel injection nozzles
  • upgrade of fuel injection nozzles > extension of economical life projection
  • upgrade of fuel injection nozzles > biofuel compliance ISO Calibration, Testing and Certification
  • Calibration work is exclusively carried out with certified calibration fluids to viscocity and temperature standards
  • Calibration work targets all injector and pump components to meet 99.9% accuracy (volume/pressure) to ascertain even torque / power development via each cylinder during each combustion cycle >during Millions of combustion strokes
  • Testing of mechanical, electronic and CRD systems is conducted to Engine & Fuel Pump System OEMs and their handbook directives (OEM parts are a must to comply with this process) and OEM recommended test benches are employed at BDG > Hartridge, Bosch, Robotti in a wide range of variants to comply with each type of FIS technology (Clients are welcome to inspect our testing equipment and attend testing procedures)
  • Certification work forms the basis for our OEM factory supported and BDG extended Performance warranty terms


Baileys Diesel Fuel Injection

Differential Fuel Consumption Measurement

Project Engineering, Solution Planning, Implementation,

B) KRAL Volumeters and Business Management Systems

  • Volumeter and Monitor selection to meet One Off and Fleet Operation Requirements
  • Installation / Data Logging and Communication Interface Support
  • Fuel Consumption Assessment and Validation > Improvement Potential Reporting

Note: KRAL VMs and BEM data loggers are non-intrusive to engine frame, engine combustion systems or engine electrics or electronics.

By integrating the core competencies required to provide “as factory new refurbishment levels” in fuel injection and air charging systems, BDG has broadened it flexibility to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively. Seemingly isolated calls for the repair of an injector or the urgent cleaning operation of a turbo rotor receives the same attention to detail as the comprehensive refurbishment of a full set of injectors/pumps and its correlating turbo unit. Why?



Baileys Turbo Power

Comprehensive Air Charger Systems Refurbishment

Diagnostics, Balancing, Testing, Validation

C) Baileys TURBO POWER Air Charging Systems

Rotor / Shaft / Compressor / Nozzle Rings

  • Our inspection team assesses rotor / shaft / compressor and associated parts on their wear and tear profile induced by compromised fuel injection combustion behavior and advises our Clients if found positive
  • Any parts found wanting will be replaced with OEM parts and components
  • Rotor / Shaft / Compressor wheel are diagnosed and balanced individually
  • Rotor / Shaft / Compressor wheel are diagnosed as assembly and balanced to G1 Standards
  • Nozzle ring assembly are tested for wear & tear, crack or fatigue signs – generally fully replaced to OEM standards
  • Bearings are replaced in accordance with OEM replacement policies and directives Pre-Balancing Diagnostics, Calibration, Testing and Certification to ISO norms
  • Our diagnostics equipment includes Schenck CAB920 electronic diagnostics units as well as REDAT Turbomax digitalised diagnostics units > providing full readout / printout condition reports
  • Calibration work is carried out by our factory trained personnel and follows strict OEM calibration directives
  • Testing of calibration results is conducted by quality assurance procedures ascertaining BDG Performance Guarantees
  • Certification of performance compliance follows itemized Turbo Units but extends to combined Turbo / Fuel Injection performance certification (generally reflecting a corporate maintenance agreement)


Baileys Diesel Group

We make a complex task run smoothly for You

D) Holistic Administration and Logistics Services

  • Creation of Client Specific Documentation relating to collection > processing and delivery particulars
  • Consultation process re work approval based on condition report feedback
  • Certification for refurbished fuel injection and air charging components including BDG Performance Labels
  • Managed transportation costs: flat-rate transport option and or Client’s choice of forwarder
  • Reliable turnaround time including un-biaised production planning and parts allocations
  • Customised trade accounts supported by attractive payment terms and volume business acknowledgement
  • And our fully equipped training centre offers individual and group based seminars for Fuel Injection /Air Charging / Volumeter Technology
  • tailored for foundation > advanced > and top level training requirements

Our clients enjoy OEM B2B Warranty and Commercial commitments as well as the personalized client support unchanged over 40Years in Service to our Business Partners. For more details please call Matthew, Stephen or David on 02 4272 2600 – we are here to assist.